core   War Memorial, Peacehaven
War Memorial   The memorial is a cube shaped structure constructed using two materials; white pigmented concrete and Cor-Ten treated steel. It is designed around a symmetrical cross profile that repeats through all visible directions, fashioning the concrete through three separate planes, at least one cross is visible from any direction.

Crosses can be seen to have several meanings: they represent all that is good and bad with war, the basis of strength, endurance and suffering for what is right, the horizontal arms on the cross measure moments in time and the vertical measure appreciation.

White purity of the concrete deliberately contrasts with the decaying rust effect of the steel crosses, from pain and hurt comes valour and achievement.

Light grey granite paviours cover the area with shaped inlaid and engraved commemorative plaques, numbering 60 and arraying around the memorial. The Site plan also seeks to emulate the Victoria Cross as the highest military achievement, yet often achieved with an ultimate price.
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