core   Flood Plain House, Norwich Union Competition
Flood Plain House   The main objective of the project brief was "to encourage holistic design proposals that minimise the potential consequences of a flood on the occupants and the property". The proposal aims to achieve this by using hidden flood doors, in the first instance, and follow through with selected use of materials.

The flood doors are electrically operated with manual override and are concealed below the front and rear entrance doors & windows; automatically operating in times of flood or power failure. All windows and flood doors rise together and allow for recessed steps and ramps to be formed; enabling easy access to the raised doors.

Building materials consist of a waterproof concrete slab and 900mm high perimeter wall, with thin joint concrete blocks to the remainder; the only openings in the perimeter wall are the flood doors to front & rear entrances and garage door. The concrete is well insulated beneath and a water resisting external sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation layer covers the entire building. A single ply membrane with combined Solar cells provides for micro-generation of power.

Planter beds border the garden and are constructed with mesh gabions, these retain earth and act as dam; sealing off the back garden and allowing a lower area of grass. A vented garage allows for general storage and secure safe bin and recycling storage.

A choice was made to invert some living spaces to the top of the building, this, combined with the addition of a generous roof garden, allows residents to never be without amenity space.
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