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Port Hall Housing Scheme   The proposed scheme looks to maximise the site for residential development with four much needed environmentally responsive houses.

The design minimises visual intrusion to neighbours using materials, orientation and plot spacing; creating an architecturally interesting and attractive development. Seeking to appear as a mews or terrace the detached design affords light and views between, creating interest and reducing the overall bulk. The split level green roofs create interest and enhance the environment.

High light levels have been achieved by a central core of full height windows to both sides of each unit; concentrating the light and affording double aspect views through the building.

The orientation, determined by the sun, maximises the solar gain and provides light all year round. This central concentration and orientation dramatically reduces any direct overlooking.

The curved walls create a soft rounded building, maximise access and scope to the external spaces reducing the developments impact. The planted green roofs and climbing green walls will grow and change colour with the different seasons, together with the natural timber cladding, that will 'silver' over time, they will complement the surrounding gardens and trees maintaining a healthy living experience.
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